Time is your most valuable asset. Retain it.

Only Retain provides a 360º view of the customers and processes where your team spends time.


Uncover how your team spends time.

Start making better decisions with accurate data.

Connect Your Applications.

Retain connects with the applications you already use.

Work as Normal.

Retain automatically identifies customers and processes as the team does their job.

Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Retain creates a 360° view of how your team engages with each customer, process, and application.


360º customer view.

All the customer information you need in one place to make smarter decisions faster.

Capture data based insights needed to make informed decisions quickly and confidently allowing your team to be proactive with customers.

Your Command Center.

Understand your team and their processes.

Process analytics equip you to be proactive, not reactive. Spend your time on the activities that matter most. Easily measure internal process efficiency and identify areas to optimize, automate and improve.


Empower your team.

Give your team the tools and data they need to succeed.

Enable your team to proactively engage with the customers and processes that lead to higher success outcomes instead of reacting when there’s an issue.

Before Retain, we only had an anecdotal understanding of where our time was being spent. Having this data we can trust gave us the insights we needed to ask ‘How can we best serve this client and bring value to them, while also potentially doing it in a more efficient way?’ It’s the difference between being a tactical versus a strategic advisor.”

Seamlessly Connect All Your Apps.

Retain seamlessly connects with 200+ apps you already use.

Integrate your apps, including proprietary apps, to gain a 360º view of your customers, processes, and team.


Start Making Data-Driven Decisions.

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