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Workflow Intelligence for customer & service teams

Understand the behaviors that drive revenue growth and reduce costs


Start Making Better Decisions with Accurate Data.

Retain enables customer-obsessed organizations to drive more revenue and retention.


Unlike self-reporting or rigid integrations that provide incomplete data, Retain delivers a trusted, flexible system for identifying and sharing the best team habits that drive impacts across customer engagements and make people more productive in their job. 

Leverage Existing Applications

Retain sits naturally in the workflow of every browser-based application your team already uses to engage customers.

Work as Normal

Retain’s privacy-rich browser technology automatically adapts to identify activities and processes focused on customers as the team does its job.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Retain delivers actionable insights based on a unified view of how your team engages with each customer, process, and application.

Retain Powers the Brightest Enterprises.


Here’s What Retain Delivers.

2x Output

Doubling the efficiency of ongoing customer success processes like onboarding, training, and QBRs.

23,000 Hours

Returning 23,000 hours/year spent on cumbersome internal processes to maximize customer-facing time.

25% Growth

Growing revenue 25% by boosting engagement with high-value customers and increasing retention.

Retain is a strategic partner for our business.  Their technology helps us leverage a data-driven approach to identify and propagate the best habits that ensure our teams are the most effective across the entire customer lifecycle.”

– Laura McCullough, EVP Client Success at Nielsen


Insights in moments – not months

All the customer information you need in one place to make smarter decisions faster.

Capture data-driven insights needed to make informed decisions quickly and confidently allowing your team to be proactive with customers.

Your command center

Understand your team and their processes.

Process analytics equip you to be proactive, not reactive. Easily measure internal process efficiency and identify areas to optimize, automate, and improve.


Empower your team

Focus your team on the best habits they need to succeed.

Empower your team with the best habits to effectively engage with the customers and playbooks that lead to higher success outcomes.

One Source of Record™
Across Every System of Record.

Get a unified view of customer engagement across your systems and processes to make data-driven decisions.


Start Making Data-Driven Decisions.

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