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Get the only AI-powered workflow intelligence platform designed to identify your best practices and increase customer revenue.

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Improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and grow revenue – all from your browser. helps enterprise organizations focus on the work that matters most. We analyze billions of monthly data points across all 500+ workplace applications, including browser, emails, meetings, and sales tools to uncover the behaviors that increase revenue, increase productivity, and reduce churn. 

Proven results


more time for your team


in savings per 1,000 users per year


hours saved per 1,000 users per year


increase in customer team capacity

60% of customer work is done in the browser. pulls billions of browser-generated data points each day to help enterprises improve productivity and increase revenue.

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Reveal moments of genius

Get intelligent recommendations for each customer segment from the gold-standard in workplace behavior data.

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Optimize workflows for improved productivity

Identify the high-value activities to focus on based on account, customer segment, or department. 

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Empower your people to do their best work

Powerful AI recommendation engines turn employee’s moments of genius to your best practices.

Insights we drive

  • Customer Success Team Dashboard
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    Manage costs and
    do more with less helps you identify the gaps and inefficiencies in your workflow so you can uncover the methods that drive revenue and operationalize your best work.

  • Pie and Bar Charts Dashboard
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    Renewal and expansion best practices shows you the steps your team is already taking to drive renewal and expansion so that you can create a winning playbook to increase net revenue retention.

  • Last Dashboard
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    ROI by customers and customer segment

    Our platform gives you a granular look into your customer base and the internal workflows that optimize ROI.

Companies we empower

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How we do it uses granular, comprehensive data to create the AI-powered recommendation engine that streamlines customer lifecycles by increasing productivity and creating 30% more time for customers. See, down to the second, how your team spends their day. Get recommendations on which behaviors to prioritize and which to eliminate. 

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Retain’s technology helps us leverage a data-driven approach to identify and propagate the best habits that ensure our teams are the most effective across the entire customer lifecycle.


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