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Automation should empower, not replace your team

December 1, 2022



The topic of automation can stir up images of a robot workforce. And while some people get excited about outsourcing their work, we have a different perspective. The best way to use AI and automation is not to replace your workforce, it should empower them to do more of what they’re best at. 

Enterprise organizations know that in order to provide the best customer experience, their customer engagement strategies need to be a one-to-many structure. Of course, certain accounts will require one-to-one engagement. But to have efficient, sustainable growth, your organization needs the right tools to execute a one-to-many customer journey. 

Here’s how:

Make time for your experts

Smart organizations listen to their customers’ feedback. The most successful companies take it one step further to supplement customer feedback with information from their customer-facing teams. 

From Sales and Professional Services to Customer Success and Support, each team knows what your customer wants both from conversations and key performance indicators. They have the qualitative and quantitative data to understand the best ways to deliver value, drive adoption, and troubleshoot their most frequently asked questions. 

Inefficiencies surface when this wealth of knowledge is focused on tasks like preparing slide decks or time tracking. Automated tasks ensure that your expert internal team can use their knowledge to make a meaningful impact on your customers’ experience. They can spend less time preparing for their meetings and more time engaging in meaningful strategies, collaborating with other teams on new deals, or creating new methods for productivity. 

As competition continues to grow, each extra hour your team can spend making an impact on your business goals will give you an edge. Not only will it drive loyalty with your customers, but it will also increase profitability at your current headcount—two critical changes all companies are looking for.

Optimize what isn’t working 

AI and automation can also help your team improve processes that aren’t working. In the past, enterprise organizations created workflows for each team. Every department worked in its own silo to complete their individual objectives. 

Now, teams must collaborate to create a cohesive, valuable customer experience. While many companies have adopted a more collaborative approach, there are still plenty of procedures left over from previous eras. The result is ineffective operations and duplicate efforts. 

AI looks into your workflow and highlights the best practices for each of your accounts based on your specific business goals. With a complete look into how you should operationalize your strategies, you can see which tasks should be automated, and which need more attention from your team members. 

A more streamlined workflow with clear performance metrics and priorities will increase efficiency immediately. Over time, the benefits will compound as well. Your team can use the insights from AI to create more personalized automations for each customer segment, test new ideas, and pivot their strategies based on new information. 

In all cases, the point of AI and automation is to give your team members the time and space they need to apply their expertise and creativity. 

See the difference today

In truth, we haven’t even begun to see all the benefits that AI and automation can bring to businesses. Unlike other strategies, these tools are built to grow and mature with your organization. Efficiency and profitability will mean different things for your business every year. Your team will always be the experts at how to manage that change and execute the new strategies. can help highlight those existing practices and turn every individual into a top performer. And no matter what your goals are, AI and automation will help you accomplish them. 

To see how you can use AI to improve your workflow and increase profitability, schedule a demo with today! We can help you onboard and start collecting data immediately.