We help companies understand how they spend time.

At Retain.ai we help companies understand the time – and associated cost – spent on customer interactions across teams, tools and applications. From pricing decisions to product roadmaps, companies need to intimately understand the mosaic of their customer interactions to make smart decisions about time and resource allocation.

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Our values

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Ship It

We believe that perfect is good, and done is better. We aren’t helping anyone unless they’re using our product, so we practice incessant shipping and rapid iteration.

Own It

We expect holistic ownership from one another. We want to work with teammates who care about the impact of their work end-to-end, and go out of their way to make their work succeed without expecting others to make it so. You hate when things are spelled out for you exactly without room for problem solving or creativity. We’re too small and have too many things we want to do to split responsibility.

Use Good Judgment

We recruit teammates who demonstrate a strong intuition for making good decisions despite ambiguity. We believe in less rules and more responsibility, because we know that rules can stifle innovation and creativity. Fewer rules means more calculated risks, and we encourage that.

Be Curious

We believe in questioning the state of the world in order to find a better way to solve problems. We strive to identify root causes instead of surface problems. When we identify problems, we strive to find ways to improve them. We ask “why” one more time when everyone else thinks they’ve asked enough.

Be Humble

We believe everyone has something to learn. We listen well, instead of reacting fast. We treat people with respect independent of their role or disagreement with us.

Solve for the Customer

We ask why our products help our customers. For every feature we work on, we ask who would use it and how it would make their lives better. We don’t fall in love with our ideas until we’ve successfully validated them with our customers.

Be Honest

We believe we will learn faster and be better if we can make giving and receiving feedback less stressful and a more normal part of work life. We want to work with people who are known for their candor and quick to admit mistakes.

Be a Coach

We don’t buy managers, we grow leaders. Rather than hiring managers from outside the company, we seek talented individuals who we can cultivate into leaders. Because everyone we hire uses good judgment, we teach our leaders to be coaches, not managers.


Meet the team

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Eric Chernoff

Founder & CEO


Vlad Shulman

Founder & CTO

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Kevin Cardey

Business Development

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Sean Moore

Software Engineer

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Kunwar Thakur

Business Development

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Logan Rado

Software Engineer

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Nathan Leddy

Customer Success

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Isabella Calderon

Business Development

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Brent Kasper 

Head of Sales 

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Robert Heckathorne

Product Implementation Engineer

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Office Security

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Office Security


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