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Retain Powers Data-Driven Customer Engagement for S&P 500 Consumer Behavior Pioneer.

The company wanted an always-on data-driven approach to boost customer engagement by leveraging customer relationship dynamics and specific persona-based playbooks resulting in increased renewals, lower customer churn, better RFP win rates, and higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS).


The Challenge

Because the company works with very large enterprises, every renewal and RFP is vital to sustaining the health and growth of their business – each customer represents seven to eight-figure revenue streams. They were flying blind by relying on anecdotal feedback and manual data capture to make key strategic decisions to win RFPs and retain customers. 

Here’s What They Wanted to Accomplish:

  • Leverage an always-on data-driven approach to manage and measure engagement with strategic customers coming up for multi-year renewals and prospects in the RFP pipeline.
  • Engage with the right people, at the right level, at the right time to maximize customer upsell revenue, retention and lower churn – especially as they are no longer onsite with customers.
  • Create a data-driven playbook to boost brand affinity and NPS among their customers.


Retain helps them double renewal executive influencer engagement by continuously refining and measuring success benchmarks, and work from a data-driven standardized engagement playbook, which boosted their Net Promoter Score (NPS) across their consumer goods and retail customers.

Key Outcomes:

  • Increased renewal and retention through more proactive relationships across accounts and key VIP influencers.
  • Better decision making and coordination across all 12+ customer-facing roles to create a unified customer experience.
  • Opportunity to benchmark customers against their best accounts and the industry to create a standardized engagement playbook and focus on high-value customer activities.
  • Always-on ability to ensure the right effort and energy are being invested across key accounts at the right time.


Key Influencer Engagement


Net Promoter Scores

Insights to Uncover Blind Spots and Power Engagement.

The company uses Retain to gather a diverse set of data across all of their enterprise systems of record to give them a granular view of customer engagement health and a quick snapshot of weak points to address, which helps them get ahead of running into issues like lack of engagement affecting account renewals.

Right Engagement, Right Time, Right Level

Retain also powers a detailed Customer Engagement Scorecard as part of a larger insights dashboard that helps the company understand what success metrics matter at each level of engagement with their customers to boost customer renewals (from individual contributors to managers, to executives, and key VIP renewal influencers). 

They use this Customer Engagement Scorecard to create a proactive engagement plan for each key account and give more than twelve different customer teams associated with each account insights into at-risk accounts that could benefit from better relationship management across levels. This minimizes them being blindsided by accounts that could potentially churn due to a lack of engagement with key stakeholders.

Shifting From a Reactive to Proactive Strategy

The company’s Engagement Scorecard also acts as an “early warning system” to help them identify gaps in relationships with key influencers and “quiet detractors” in the RFP and renewal process, making sure those personas are being included in the proactive engagement plan.

Case Study: Consumer Behavior Pioneer
Retain is a strategic partner that we rely on to arm us with insights to drive real results in terms of boosting our ability to engage with high- value clients, lower customer churn, and increase our revenue.

Benefit 1:
Retain Delivers a Granular View of Ongoing Customer Engagement

The company knows that to ensure successful renewals, they need to have continuous engagements with key stakeholders throughout the year. Retain powers their engagement strategy by analyzing engagement with different seniority levels over time across thousands of touchpoints to ensure successful renewals by highlighting any important contacts that might need more regular engagement due to a low relationship score. 

The Retain Customer Engagement Scorecard highlights any important contacts that might be getting left behind across thousands of touchpoints and accounts.

Key Insight:

Shines a spotlight if their engagement skews toward non-decision makers, which informs the playbook to diversify customer engagement across all levels to ensure higher renewal rates and customer satisfaction. 

Benefit 2:
Retain Enables Proactive Course Correction

Retain helps the company understand where they are spending their time in meetings and creates a proactive plan to boost higher-value “relationship-building” meetings, and one-on-ones with executive influencers versus lower-value group meetings. 

Key Insight:

Retain enables proactive course correction throughout the year, and not just before renewals come up. This ensures they have customer engagement covered across all levels including building relationships with key executives – both influencers and potential quiet detractors.

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions.

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