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The secret cost savings of AI technology

January 19, 2023



As we start to understand the impact of AI technology, much of the conversation focuses on operational improvements. Most people want to know the ways that AI can make their processes more cost-effective. While those improvements are critical, they aren’t the whole conversation. We think the most valuable benefits of AI are how it supports the most important part of your business—your employees

From workplace morale to creative problem solving, and more, AI technology provides the support your teams need to do more with less. Here are three unexpected benefits of using AI in your organization. 

Morale improvements is great for business

It’s no secret that many enterprises are currently struggling to manage employee burnout. We’ve all experienced tremendous uncertainty for years at this point. It makes sense that people are feeling exhausted. Add to that the more recent demands on employees to do more with fewer resources and you have the perfect recipe for burnout. 

One way to reignite employee enthusiasm is through AI technology. One study found that 75% of employees said AI can help improve their mental health at work. By automating tasks and freeing up hours in the day, AI technology allows people to do the work they love to do. It allows for more creativity, more efficiency, and a better morale each day. 

In terms of employee retention, cost savings, and a positive work culture, there is no doubt that AI is great for business. 

Knowledge share increases efficiency 

Onboarding is another struggle that companies face, both with their customers and their employees. Many people start their jobs with a basic knowledge, but many of us know what it’s like to spend our tenure at a company asking others for organizational knowledge. Or we just Google what we don’t know. 

While most of us don’t mind helping a colleague, it’s certainly not the most efficient way to run your business. And right now, efficiency is everything. With AI technology, it’s much easier to collect, store, and share information across the entire organization. Collect and store notes from impromptu conversations, update team members regularly on important KPIs, and identify the best practices of each team so each individual knows how to succeed. All your essential work can be improved with AI technology. 

Relevant data improves performance

Of course, data collection for the sake of it won’t help any organization. In fact, it is one of the practices that can lead to employee burnout, if they are tedious tasks line time tracking. However, relevant data, meaningful data dashboards, and actionable insights create the foundation for efficient, high-performing teams. 

When you use AI technology to collect and analyze operational data, you get the advantage of intelligent insights and suggestions to improve your processes based on your specific metrics. Instead of making performance assumptions based on industry averages or building strategies from trends, your team can iterate and improve your productivity for the goals you find most important. 

The result is a deeper understanding from your team, more meaningful work to fill their days with, and more satisfied customers who are getting the value they expect from your organization.

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