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How SaaS Companies Measure Success on Customer Moments that Matter

a Webinar Event

June 16th at 2:00pmEST/11:00amPST

About the Event

Most companies have multiple teams engaging with a customer throughout its lifecycle with you.  Notably, the Customer Success Team is closest to your customers, with a core focus on making sure your customers experience your differentiated value.  For this reason, Customer Success is core to a SaaS company’s health as a business, and will directly impact the future growth of its customer base.

How do Customer Success teams know they are making every interaction count?  Which customer moments / events / deliverables are driving the results you seek with your customers, and how does that translate to your team’s targets or OKRs?  In our upcoming Webinar, “How SaaS Companies Measure Success on Customer Moments that Matter”, you will hear from Customer Success leaders on what core metrics they use as targets, and how they track those KPIs. 


The Panelists

Angela Han

Chief Customer Officer

Cam Patch

VP CS Strategy & Operations LivePerson

Lizzy Rosen

Vice President, CS

Diane Melchionne

VP of Client Success

Why it Matters

What You’ll Learn


Getting Aligned

Hear from Customer Success Business and Operations Leaders on what they’ve been setting as team KPIs and/or OKRs that aligns to their business model.


Measuring Success

Learn about “wins” these leaders have achieved in their business, and how tracking team metrics helped them achieve or exceed their performance goals.


Excellence in Execution

Understand how they have fostered a data-driven culture with their teams – specifically how they operationalize and inspire their teams to achieve success using data.