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Generative AI can turn your untouched data into more productive workflows

May 4, 2023



We know the predictable cycle that happens any time a new technology gets released. Early adopters jump immediately, hoping to get value out of it way before anyone else. Others wait years for the new technology to mature, wanting to avoid all the major risks. The majority in the middle start conversations, follow trends, and experiment in smaller ways to push the technology forward. 

Right now, the conversation around generative AI is focused on what tasks it can replace for the workforce. With sales productivity slowing and growing pressure to do more with less, generative AI is a great way to cut costs. 

And it’s great at that. But it can also add value to your workforce as well as removing tasks. Generative AI can improve your strategic playbooks, operational efficiencies, and performance tracking. In fact if you’re struggling to make sense of the data across your workflow, generative AI is the best investment to make for your team. 

Data is only powerful when you can access it 

When productivity is the top priority, performance metrics become vital for keeping your business on track. Although enterprise organizations have more access to data than every before, most don’t feel like they’re leveraging it well. In a study by NewVantage, only 24% of executives would describe their companies as data-driven. 

Generative AI makes sense of performance data so that your team can take action immediately. Rather than spending time dissecting various reports from different sources, organizations can use generative AI to pull data and create a succinct answer to the most important questions. Teams can stop making assumptions about performance and start making strategic choices based on comprehensive data across the entire organization. In a time where small mistakes in the customer experience can make or break a potential sale, eliminating assumptions and working quickly from accurate data is imperative for the longevity of your business. 

Late AI adopters stand to lose even more 

What we know is the highest performing organizations are already leveraging the power of AI. According to Salesforce, high-performing enterprises are 1.9x more likely to use AI in their operations than low performers. That gap will only continue to grow as the value of generative AI increases and customers start expecting more intelligent and efficient engagements. 

Consider the difference between traditional AI and generative AI. Where traditional AI could identify existing patters to make predictions, generative AI creates new ideas. Where traditional AI could tell you the most effective engagement sequence based on your existing emails, generative AI can take it one step further. Generative AI tools could pull data from account notes, communication channel performance data and provide suggestions for how to connect with the customer and what to talk about. In other words, the very foundation of customer relationship building, providing the right value at the right time the right way, is possible with generative AI.

Those who continue to wait risk outdated customer experiences, continued productivity paranoia, and a burnt out workforce. 

See how generative AI can add value to your enterprise today

To see how workflow intelligence and generative AI can improve efficiency for your team, schedule a demo of today. In just two weeks, you can start collecting data from over 500 workplace applications and use it to optimize each aspect of your operation.