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Manage costs and do more with less

How do you improve sales velocity and operationalize best practices with strict budgetary restraints? 

Are you relying on manual tools to track the productivity of your team with no way to verify that data? Do you need more insights into your processes to identify inefficiencies and wasted efforts? helps you identify the gaps and inefficiencies in your workflow so you can uncover the methods that drive revenue and operationalize your best work.

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The Retain solution:

  • Provides accurate capacity and productivity reporting for cost-efficient workflows
  • Identifies content gaps and highlights most-used materials to inform training guides and engagement templates
  • Calculates ROI on systems and tooling

The results:

  • Reporting on productivity, ability to drive performance and planning
  • Streamlined playbooks, content and templates based on real-life best practices of top performers
  • Cost reduction by identifying automation and digital self-service opportunities


in savings per 1,000 users per year


hours saved per 1,000 users per year


increase in customer team capacity

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Get started with the gold standard for AI-powered workflow intelligence.