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Start getting visibility into which accounts your Success and Support teams are spending time with & whether the engagements they are delivering lead to optimal customer outcomes.


    Blindspots? Retain can Help

    A lightweight browser extension captures your teams’ activities and Retain aggregates this data into rich insights to solve a multitude of pain-points

    Identify activities that matter

    Your CS team is probably performing 50+ activities with accounts, but only 5 likely matter; do you know which ones?

    Define best practices to usher in uniformity

    Gain visibility into the tools and sequences that your most efficient team members use to solve customer needs.

    Turn CS into a monetizing unit

    Evolve CS from a unit focused on churn-mitigation to one focused on driving new revenue from your existing customers.

    Deprecate laborious manual processes

    Retain runs in the background capturing the time, activities, and accounts that teams are working on

    Visualize anatomy of growth accts

    Understand whether your teams are making the correct time and resource investments in the most strategic accounts.

    “Retain provides a unified view of every customer to make data-driven decisions across the entire customer lifecycle”

    Eric, Co-founder at Retain



    Insights in Moments, Not Months

    As much as 70% of Saas software does not get implemented properly.  Retain was built to avoid this problem because it was developed as a browser extension.  Once installed, it sits in a user’s workstream capturing activity.  Using AI it can identify what work is being performed (for example a QBR) and then map the time and activity to the associated accounts.

    If you think Retain can help your business, just put in your email address below and our team will reach out shortly

      Salesforce uses Retain to get visibility into what teams are doing

      Leaders recognize that 70-80% of new revenue will come from existing customers, so having the right CS investment matters. Salesforce SVP of AMER Customer Success Chris Conant is no different. He uses Retain to identify which activities his CS teams deliver will lead to the most impactful outcomes.  In addition, he can determine whether the teams are spending the optimal amount of time with Salesforce’s most strategic customers.


      Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and Industry Leaders

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