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Renewal and expansion best practices

Need to drive more revenue from your existing customer base? 

Are you lacking the insights to determine what behaviors drive renewal and expansion? Do you understand how your engagements move your accounts through the customer journey? shows you the steps your team is already taking to drive renewal and expansion so that you can create a winning playbook to increase net revenue retention. 

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The Retain solution:

  • Identifies and tracks the behaviors that impact business goals
  • Provides insights for developing effective playbooks to increase expansion revenue
  • Automates data collection to provide an accurate view into customer lifecycle

The results:

  • Proactive account planning for large renewals
  • Optimize strategies to drive expansion opportunities
  • Increased coverage across territory per rep


in savings per 1,000 users per year


hours saved per 1,000 users per year


increase in customer team capacity

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