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ROI by customer and customer segment

How do you increase visibility into customer profitability?

When building an efficient team, understanding what works is critical. Too often, organizations are duplicating efforts, spending too much time preparing for QBRs instead of engaging with customers and missing major opportunities to deliver value to customers. fixes that. Our platform gives you a granular look into your customer base and the internal workflows that optimize ROI.

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The Retain solution:

  • Captures workflow data by customer, customer segment and/or engagement type
  • Connects the dots between workflow data and customer activity type, yielding insights into ROI
  • Provides insights into the time investment by customer, segment and/or activity

The results:

  • Prioritization of highest ROI engagements and where to align resources to drive profitability per customer
  • Cost reduction by identifying automation and digital self-service opportunities
  • Increased automation for low tier segments with new product rollouts


in savings per 1,000 users per year


hours saved per 1,000 users per year


increase in customer team capacity

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