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Thanks for Attending

Thank you for attending our webinar “How SaaS Companies Measure Success on Customer Moments that Matter”.  Special thanks to our panelists Angela Han, Cam Patch, Lizzy Rosen, and Diane Melchionne.  We invite you to re-watch the webinar using the link to the right.

We also encourage you to learn more about and how we help companies make data-driven decisions for their Customer Success strategy.  Scroll below for more info and to schedule a demo.

Meet the Retain Workflow Intelligence Platform

We believe how your teams spend their time matters. Their behaviors and actions are the most important drivers of customer and sales success. And yet how they operate is fragmented across accounts, tools, systems, and time zones – it’s difficult to get a reliable view that pulls what your teams do together to see what is working or not.

To learn how you can gather data and insights to help your teams focus on value-add moments with customers, be sure to request a Retain demo – we can walk you through how our browser extension works and how we’ve helped global Fortune 500 companies optimize their customer success models and playbooks.


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