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Whitepaper: The expanding role of customer success in uncertain markets

The downturn in today’s market has forced companies to do more with less. Organizations are starting to prioritize growing their existing customer base rather than focusing on expensive new customer acquisition strategies. 

At the heart of these cost-effective growth initiatives is Customer Success (CS). 

However, without visibility into the behaviors and processes that translate to sales, the full impact of CS on revenue is unknown. Identifying the team’s best practices is increasingly difficult thanks to fragmented tech stacks and ever-evolving customer journeys. 

In their newest whitepaper, Ventana Research examines the behaviors and tools organizations use to identify and operationalize their best practices and drive revenue growth. 

Download your copy to learn: 

  • Common challenges facing CS and enterprise organizations
  • The layers of complexity that can prevent growth and expansion without the right tools
  • New tools and best practice standards that are helping organizations increase net revenue

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