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The step-by-step guide to help your customer teams drive revenue

December 6, 2022



We know that the most reliable source of revenue is your current customer base. Not only do they spend money faster, but they are also likely to spend more than new customers. It’s a trend we see over and over, and it makes sense. Your current customers understand your product, they are connected to the people in your organization, and change is difficult in large enterprise organizations. 

But just because they don’t want to churn, doesn’t mean customers won’t if they don’t receive the value and customer experience they expect from your team. To help your organization empower your customer-facing teams as they work to protect and grow revenue, especially during a recession, we created a brand new step-by-step guide. 

5 ways to help your customer success team drive revenue during a recession” outlines why customer experience is critical for companies of any size and how to make sure your teams have what they need to execute best practices to drive value for your customers. 

Download the ebook right now if you’re ready to dive in! But if you want a little more information, here are the five steps outlined in the ebook. 

1. Optimize the moments of value for your customers 

Every time your customer uses your product, talks to your team, or engages with another user in your community, they form an idea of what your product is capable of and what your company stands for. Everything is important when building a long-lasting customer relationship

But, your team can’t do everything all at once. To be efficient and cost-effective, they need to prioritize the key moments that matter most to each audience segment. Leading organizations identify what the key moments are for each customer’s journey, and figure out how to make each moment valuable for their customers. 

2. Automate processes for more efficient work

The second, and more powerful, way to ensure your team is focused on the right strategies is to automate as many processes as you can. That doesn’t mean replacing your knowledgeable team members with robots. Instead, it simply means taking away tasks that prevent each individual from doing what they do best.

When people are not bogged down with tedious tasks, they can use the extra time to find creative solutions, add value to important accounts, and give themselves the space they need to avoid burnout. To us, automation is critical for a successful business, especially during a recession when tensions are high. 

3. Operationalize your most impactful playbooks

Another key differentiator for companies who manage to grow during economic downturns is sharing knowledge across teams. The people on your team are already making extraordinary contributions to your company. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to succeed. You simply need to be able to identify those strategies and operationalize them across all teams and customer segments. 

4. Build a tech stack that simplifies your workflow

When enterprises feel the pressure to do more with less, they look to new technologies to help them perform better. Often, this is the right choice to make. Where the trouble starts is when disparate teams add new solutions to their tech stack without considering how it might impact the workflow and methods of other teams. 

The result is more power, but also more complex processes and harder problems to solve. When you’re considering which solutions to add to your team, make sure you are picking simple solutions that can deliver value immediately. In markets like the one we’re seeing today, speed and value are the most important measurements. 

5. Create a culture of collaboration across your organization

Finally, make sure that your team understands creating an exceptional customer experience, growing through a recession, and creating extraordinary best practices is a team effort. Everyone should collaborate, share knowledge, and help each other do the best work possible. 

Download your copy now! 

To learn more about each of the steps for empowering your customer teams to protect and grow revenue, download your copy of our newest ebook. And to see how can add value in a matter of weeks and simplify your strategies, schedule a demo today!