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Workflow Intelligence: The key to efficiency in operations

November 29, 2022



The enemy of sustainable growth for any team is complexity. Unfortunately, in enterprise organizations complexity can seem inevitable in any process or solution. While that may have been true in the past, today we have workflow intelligence to simplify operations and increase efficiency. 

If you’re unfamiliar with workflow intelligence or how it can improve both internal team retention as well as customer loyalty, we are here to help. This blog will give you everything you need to know about how you can use workflow intelligence to reach your business goals faster. 

What is workflow intelligence? 

Workflow intelligence combines the activity and behaviors your customer-facing teams perform throughout their day to identify the most effective and efficient processes. Instead of self-reported data, workflow intelligence works in the background to collect data automatically, ensuring the data that informs your engagement strategies is accurate, comprehensive, and specific. 

How does workflow intelligence help my team? 

More than data collection, workflow intelligence provides actionable insights to help your team identify and establish best practices. The intention is not to monitor your internal teams, but rather work alongside them to help execute tasks or help prioritize the next best action for each client. 

Today’s executives are acutely aware of finding the balance between pushing teams to do more and burning out their employees. Workflow intelligence helps you identify where your teams should focus their efforts, what they can automate, and which efforts can be deprioritized while you still meet your business goals. 

A recent study found that when used as a coaching tool rather than just a monitoring tool, employees appreciated the changes that AI can bring to their daily work life. Implementing the right workflow intelligence platform increases the workplace fulfillment and productivity for each individual. The result is better retention, both for your customers and your team. In other words—it’s a win for everyone. 

How will workflow intelligence simplify my operations? 

Often, internal teams have conflicting priorities that make it difficult to operationalize or scale best practices. What’s more, internal teams also work from different platforms, which makes reporting at a high-level that much more difficult. 

A workflow intelligence platform like pulls data from every customer-facing team to show how all teams are working together to move a customer through their journey. The result is better visibility into how different teams are converting important customer moments, along with any duplicate efforts and/or any significant gaps that should be filled. Rather than creating an entirely new process for your teams, highlights what you’re already doing that works and helps you scale the results across teams. also matures with your organization. The best practices that you implement today will mature over time, and you will know, in real-time, when it’s time to update your processes and procedures. 

See how can help your team be more productive with workflow intelligence

To see how can simplify your workflow and help you make better investments for your team over time, schedule a demo today. We’ll show you the kind of ROI you can expect from workflow intelligence in just two weeks!