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Talk to Retain Now – Not Next Quarter.

Retain provides customer-facing teams the data-driven insights they need to be proactive and focus on the activities that matter most. Our Customer Insights Engine gives leaders the ability to measure internal process excellence and efficiency, and identify areas to optimize, automate, and improve. 


You’re leaving money on the table by not upselling enough.

Retain’s Customer Investment Dashboard powers an always-on data-driven strategy to ensure you’re engaging with high-value customers, with the right resources, at the right time to maximize revenue growth.

Meet your revenue growth engine.


A customer just churned – you’ll know next quarter.

Retain’s Customer Engagement Scorecard measures relationship strength to power a data-driven engagement strategy that focuses on relationships with key stakeholders to increase retention.

Meet your customer retention engine.

One Source of Record
Across Every System of Record.

Get a unified view of customer engagement across your systems and processes to make data-driven decisions.

Why Retain

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions.

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